Tuesday, October 22, 2019

SUFFER Original Game Soundtrack DLC Out Now!

The SUFFER Original Game Soundtrack DLC has released on Steam! If you enjoyed the brutal horror punk music in SUFFER, you can now buy the entire album in high quality .flac format!

The SUFFER Soundtrack is 29 tracks and over an hour long. Grab it now if you are into face-melting guitar, grimy punk bass, and chiptune overdrive!

If you don't already own SUFFER, grab both the game and soundtrack in a discounted bundle!


Thanks for the support, everyone! This indie game developer journey has been a blast so far, I can't wait to do even more!

Friday, October 18, 2019

SUFFER 1.4 Patch Notes

Hey friends,

I'm happy to announce that SUFFER patch 1.4 is officially live! This update is a "thank you" note to all of you wonderful people who've supported me and my game. I've added in a trio of challenge levels for those who want to come back to SUFFER some more! The patch contains the following:

  • Challenge Mode - 3 all-new levels for the diehard 
  • 4 more Steam Achievements
  • Various Performance fixes
  • Riot Police sprite is brighter / easier to see
  • Fixed Demon Lord hurt animation

The patch is live now, grab your copy of SUFFER on Steam today!

Thank you!