Sunday, March 19, 2017

wrong color blocks must die

i released my first game today - Wrong Color Blocks Must Die! It's on Newgrounds and totally free for anyone to play it. It's a retro arcade inspired SHMUP game with unending randomly generated waves of block enemies to blast!

Seriously cutting edge, right?

This is my first ever published game and it shows! But i'm still very proud of it. i actually made this game back in college to teach myself some basic javascript. i found it on an old hard drive and spent the past two weeks making it into a fully playable game that was polished enough for me to release.

The game is very simple in terms of gameplay - shoot the enemy blocks! A combo system keeps it interesting, keep the killstreak going to rack up a multiplier. As you get more kills the difficulty ramps up and more enemies will spawn. It keeps going until you run out of lives.

i chose to use very simplistic graphics with fun color scheme. Everything is very blocky and easy to understand. You are an orange block and the teal blocks are the baddies. The background is made up of purple shades, complete with parallax scrolling for less-boring-and-more-snazzy visuals.

The most fun was making the music! i grew up playing Nintendo and Sega and i love the chiptune sounds from those old systems. i made a minimalist beat to go along with my simple game using some VST plugins made to emulate retro computer sound processors.

Anyways, i hope you like it. The random enemy spawning and combo system make for a pretty fun game to kill a couple of minutes with. Give it a try and let me know what you think, feedback is also super appreciated! Thank you so much!

Play Wrong Color Blocks Must Die!