Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Horror Punk Music

It's been a hot minute since i've posted an update so here goes nothing! i have been making crazy awesome progress on SUFFER, getting ready to publish a demo build soon. The game just needs a bit more polish, testing, and music!

So far i have finished recording 10 songs for the game's soundtrack. i do everything myself so it takes a long time. Composing the music is insanely fun for me and i really enjoy the creativity that recording live tracks allow. The drums and keyboard all programmed with a drum machine and some VST instruments, but the guitar and bass are recorded in my homebrew bedroom-studio.
For the gearsluts out there i am rocking an Ibanez Prestige 7 with John Petruccci signature neck pickup and a DJENT pickup thingy in the bridge. My pedal board only consists of an Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah Pedal, a BloodDrive overdrive pedal, and my personal favorite piece of gear: The Legend of Fuzz pedal from Devi Ever Bit. All of this feeds into an old Fender Blues DeVille Delux tube amp! It's a ricketty old amp with crusty pots but it gets the job done. My bass setup is even simpler. i use Ibanez 505 straight into a Fender practice amp my buddy gave me! No pedals or effects, i just crank up the volume and put the mic close. Super punk rock right there.

To me the Punk scene is all about DIY, and SUFFER really embodies that. i make use of what i have and the limited nature of my setup (and being a one man team!) requires me to be extra creative. i really enjoy the challenge and i often surprise myself with the outcome of my experiments! The music in SUFFER is heavily inspired by retro video games, hardcore ska/punk and the metal! But enough babble - one can only explain music so much, please give the demo album a listen here


Thanks for reading,