Monday, February 5, 2018

introducing SUFFER

Hey friends!

i have been working extremely hard on my upcoming game, SUFFER! This game has been in development for almost 3 years now and i am finally at a place where i want to show it off to the world. It's still pretty early in development but it is finally looking like a real game:

SUFFER is a retro-inspired first person action game! 90s style pixelated 3D graphics are mated with hand drawn comic book sprites to offer a ridiculous experience. The fast paced action is accompanied by blistering punk rock and death metal - and the agonizing screams of your enemies! This game is for the hardcore gamer in need of a challenge. It is also named after my favorite Bad Religion album!

Anarchy Softworks is just one guy - a lone, deranged lunatic with a vision to spread anarchy and fun through video games! Because of this, i am free to make whatever kind of games i want! On the flip side of that i also have to actually make the games. By myself. But that is my favorite part! i love to code engines and build levels! Writing and recording music, designing and drawing weapons and enemies! Everything about making games is super fun and i am going to keep doing it!

SUFFER is inspired by hard-as-fuck games like DOOM, Half-Life, Super Meat Boy, and Shinobi! It's light on story and heavy on fast action! I can't wait for you to play it. Pretty soon I'll be releasing a trailer - but i've got to get some guitar tracks recorded first!

Until next time,

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