Saturday, February 10, 2018

Horror Punk Graphics!

Hey friends!

i've been hard at work finalizing the look and feel of SUFFER! The game's main theme is horror punk and every aspect of the game is being designed around that. You'll fight off Orwellian riot police backed up by demons, surveillance bots, and stitched together flesh golems in an abstract industrial nightmare city. SUFFER is dark, fast, and brutal so the soundtrack is intensely hardcore. the tortured metal and punk is kept alive by rusty gore machines and drowned out by gunfire.

toon shading and low res textures

Today i will be writing about the graphical style of SUFFER. i am a huge fan of 90s first person shooters and it shows in my work. The first thing most people will notice about SUFFER is the sprites! Each weapon, enemy, and power-up is (poorly) hand drawn and animated! This means that the comic book guns and monsters contrast nicely with the environment. The oldschool first person shooters like Wolfenstein and DOOM were actually 2D games with fancy effects to make them appear 3D and i really wanted to emulate that style - but with modern 3D level design.

The sprites in SUFFER are very much inspired by comic books and old video games - super pixelated details but thick black "ink" outlines. i'm very happy with how the 2D sprites look in the 3D world. It took a bit of tinkering but i'm glad i put in the effort. Hand drawn and animated sprites in a FPS is unheard of anymore, and i really think the style has so much to offer!

In order to blend these with modern 3D graphics i implemented thick black outlines on all geometry with a cartoon cel shading. All textures are super low resolution (128x128) and utilize the same drawn with black ink look. Combine all of this with Unity's built in lighting and a full screen pixelation effect and suddenly SUFFER's comic book video game world comes to life! Thanks for reading!


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