Monday, March 4, 2019

Cyborg Ninja vs. The Third Reich is Coming March 11th, 2019!

I am very excited to announce that Anarchy Softworks' next commercial release, Cyborg Ninja vs. The Third Reich, will be coming to Windows PCs via Steam on March 11th, 2019! The game will cost 1.99$ USD, but will be 15% off during the launch week sale!

Cyborg Ninja vs. The Third Reich is a 2D Action Platforming game where players assume the role of CN000, a prototype cybernetic ninja made for the sole purpose of destroying The Third Reich. Infiltrate a Nazi military base and decimate their forces from within in this throwback to the 16 bit side scrolling glory days!

  • 2D Side Scrolling Action
  • Arcade Style Gameplay
  • 12 Challenging Levels
  • 4 Difficulty Modes
  • Original Chiptune Soundtrack
Get ready to kick some Nazi ass!!!

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