Thursday, October 25, 2018

Unity 2018.2 Uplift and Surprises (maybe)

Hey Friends!

i've been super duper busy getting my final build of SUFFER ready for release! Since uploading my 1.2 update for the SUFFER [demo] there has been a ton of progress. i've been taking the entire month to polish the game and so far it's been absolutely worth it. The graphics have seen a huge improvement, as has the framerate. Uplifting to Unity 2018.2 was (mostly) painless, but it does require a bit more testing. i hope to send out press release copies next week, after pushing out a 1.3 update for the demo and maybe something special (as long as i have time to get it working!) It's almost release time and i am burning the candle at both ends to make sure i put out a product i can stand behind!

SUFFER is coming to Steam Dec 11, 2018

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